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 1855 Club - Frequetly Asked Questions

Q:  How is my donation utilized with the Chapter?   
A:  Your generous monthly gift is utilized in 2 different allocations:
1.  The Active Chapter receives 1/2 of your gift to utilize for Scholarship, Rush/Recruitment, and general chapter fundraising for Brotherhood. 
2.  The Zeta Eta Housing Corporation receives 1/2 of your gift for housing improvement, early loan payments, and future housing needs for the chapter. 

Q: Can I cancel monthly donations?
A: Yes. If at any time you wish to change or cancel future payments, please manage your donations by logging into your PayPal account.  You may then manage your donation by selecting details under the transactions and selecting "My preapproved payments." 

Q:  Is my gift Tax Deductible?
A: Currently, your gift is not tax deductible with the IRS.  Even though both the Chapter and Housing Corporation are non-profit organizations, we are not actually able to offer a deductible donation at this time.  However, there is legislation being introduced that will hopefully make part of your donations deductible in the future. 

In the mean time, we appreciate your support to Zeta Eta.

Zeta Eta 1855 Club
P O Box 511
Commerce, TX 75429

In Hoc and Thank You again for your support….

1855- FAQ'S

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