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Sigma Chi International History

Founded by seven high-minded gentlemen at the Miami University of Ohio, the Sigma Chi Fraternity has been established since June 28th, 1855. In the original constitution of Sigma Chi it is stated that, "the purpose of the fraternity shall be to cultivate and

maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice and

learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded."


Since its founding, the fraternity has taken pride

in admitting no man to membership who is not

considered to be a living example of the Jordan

Standard, the specific principles of what it means to

be a Sigma Chi as composed by Founder Issac M.

Jordan in the 19th century.


For more than 150 years, Sigma Chi has maintained a reputation of exclusivity, respect, and true character. With over 240 active chapters across the United States and Canada and over 300,000 initiated brothers, the fraternity remains strong.


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