Sigma Chi is one of the largest fraternities in the nation, we have distinguished Sigs that we are honored to call "brother". Here are a few of them you might know:

-John Wayne               -Mike Ditka
-David Letterman       -Brad Pitt
-Drew Brees               -Sean Payton

Aside from what you gain professionally from Sigma Chi, what you gain personally is much deeper.

Sigma Chi is a lifelong experience, once a Sigma Chi; always a Sigma Chi. Our brotherhood is stronger than any other greek fraternity in the world and the Zeta Eta chapter is no exception. Our chapter will celebrate its 60th Anniversary in the fall of 2023 and is the most distinguished on campus. We have a reputation of excellence that cannot be over-looked. We are competitive in all intramural sports and frequently win the Intramural championship.  Our membership boasts a number of Honors College students and the Chapter GPA exceeded the all men's GPA .

Our alumni are the most supportive alumni on campus. Our alumni have supported us through thick and thin. We have three pieces of property in the Commerce area, the new Sigma Chi House and Education Center plus the apartments which are located across from the Sorority houses; and the Sigma Chi Ranch which is located down hwy 11 west of Commerce. The support of our alumni only solidifies the fact that Sigma Chi will be with you long after you are out of college.

If you would like to help continue the excellence of this great chapter, please contact our rush chairman Nolan Myers or our president Parker Aguilar.