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As Zeta Eta and Texas A&M - Commerce continue to expand, it has become more evident that our House Corporation and Chapter as a whole will face new challenges in maintaining our current property and financing for future opportunities.  Day to day operational costs and increasing maintenance expenses limit our current ability to allocate sufficient funds towards a long-term savings initiative.

With the tremendous growth  Texas A&M University - Commerce is experiencing (13,000 enrolled), we need your help more than ever to make the presence of Sigma Chi on campus unmistakeable.


Donate and become a part of the Zeta Eta 1855 Club.  Consider a contribution of $18.55 a month.  A simple, yet potentially substantial continuous-giving program to support regular contributions to a long-term savings initiative.  Join today and help breathe life into the legacy of friendship, justice, and learning!

Ongoing contributions on a regular basis are both easier to commit to and will benefit Zeta Eta on a continuing basis. A PayPal account is required to sign up online for the 1855 Club.  A bank draft option is available upon request.

We are proud to introduce two new levels of giving within the 1855 Club, the Blue and Gold levels.  The Blue Level ($40 monthly) and Gold Level ($60 monthly) are a result of request from our donors.




In Hoc and Thank You for your support.


  • Doug Burkham

  • Doug Kretzinger

  • Dwain Smith

  • Eddie Haggard

  • Edward Stanley

  • EP Pewitt

  • Frank Barnett

  • George Lacy

  • Greg Gotses

  • Herb Cross

  • Rusty Brewer

  • Steve East

  • J P Mulligan

  • James Williams

  • Jay Patak

  • Jeff Corley

  • Jeff Hayes

  • Jerry Jarrell

  • Jerry Rhodes

  • Jim Fraley

  • Joel Conroy

  • John Chopel

  • Scoot Chaney

  • John McKenna

  • John Walker

  • Keith Cargile

  • Kenny Bishop

  • Kent Holbert

  • Lanny Burnett

  • Larry McGill

  • Larry Schultz

  • Michael Smythe

  • Mike Anderson

  • Shane LaFavers

  • Mike Cavender

  • Mike Love

  • Paul Trull

  • Reggie Reynolds

  • Rex Deford

  • Ricky Beeler

  • Rod Smalling

  • Rodney Newsom

  • Terry Caldwell

  • Thomas Hendricks

  • Steve Diamond

  • Barry Whitfill

  • Bill Abernathy

  • Brad Edwards

  • Chance Cole

  • Chip Vance

  • David Clemens

  • Dean Bonney

  • Dean Butler

  • Dennis Stanley

  • Don Artice

  • Tony Leslie

  • Russ Garmon

  Keep the fire burning bright within you.


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