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Recruitment Chair

Charlie Walker

Contact Information


Phone Number: 903-366-1045

Instagram: @cw_red

Twitter: cw_red1

How Rush Works...

Most campuses have a recruitment, or "rush," period designed to help you learn more about the Greek organizations on your campus. At some schools you must register for rush (an easy and harmless process); at others you can just visit each chapter as you like. In any case, find out when your campus rush is by talking with members of the Sigma Chi chapter on your campus.

During Recruitment, talk with the members of every Greek organization to find out which is right for you. If both you and the Sigma Chi brothers on your campus agree that Sigma Chi is the fraternity for you, you'll be extended a "bid," or invitation to join.

If you accept your bid, you will enroll in a pledge, or educational program. The pledge program is designed to teach you more about Sigma Chi and teach the chapter more about you. The process of pledgeship consists of intellectual exercises, shared experiences, and cultivation of friendship of a higher ordeal - all aimed at enlisting worthy men and meaningful commitment of lifelong duration. The program is designed to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating, and therefore hazing and degrading activities are prohibited.

The pledge period culminates with initiation, your first introduction to the teachings of our Ritual and the beginning of your life in Sigma Chi. After initiation, you will receive what we call P.I.T., or post-initiation training, designed to help you learn more about our ideals and ritual.


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